Seville, Spain


The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Study Abroad Center offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study for the fall and/or spring semesters in Seville, Spain. On-site, the program is coordinated by the International College of Seville (ICS); students attend classes at ICS, Universidad de Sevilla (UdeS), and EUSA. To watch the Semester at a Glance, visit this Youtube link.

The period of study is August through December for the Fall semester and January through May for the Spring semester.

Informational meetings:

  • Thursday, March 8 at 3 pm in Moore Hall 155A or over Zoom

Schedule an Appointment with a Study Abroad Adviser on STAR Balance.

Program dates

  • Spring 2024: January 31-May 10, 2024
  • Fall 2024: September 18-December 13, 2024

Application deadlines

  • Fall 2024: Monday, Apr. 1, 4pm HST
  • Spring 2025: Tuesday, Oct. 15, 4pm HST

This program is open to all majors, but is particularly ideal for students who are pursuing degrees, minors and/or certificates in the following fields of study:

  • Anthropology
  • Art History
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Religion
  • Spanish

Students may choose from a wide variety of courses offered at the International College of Seville and Universidad de Sevilla.

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Host Institution

Students attend classes in Spanish and English at the International College of Seville (ICS). Founded in 1982, ICS is a private, independent, cultural association whose basic aim is to serve as a center for the promotion of international education. Located in a three-story Andalusian villa just minutes away from the University, ICS provides all academic and logistical support services on-site.

Through ICS, advanced language students may enroll in classes at the Universidad de Sevilla (UdeS), working with the University’s Departments of Philology and Geography and History. Founded at the end of the 15th century and granted official status in 1551, UdeS is the largest university system in Andalusia serving 48,000 students and is one of the major universities in Spain. As one of Spain’s leading institutions of higher learning, the University’s various schools and institutes serve the educational needs of Spain’s southernmost region.


The UHM Semester in Seville program provides students an opportunity to fulfill UHM major, minor, elective, focus, foundations, diversification and foreign language requirements for graduation. Students on the program must be enrolled full-time and may earn up to 15 credits.

The program runs from early September to mid-December for the fall semester and mid-January to mid-May for the spring semester.

The UHM Study Abroad Center appoints a designated UHM Resident Director when appropriate. The Resident Director teaches two classes, oversees students’ academic progress and mentors all participants. All students are required to take one of the two UHM Resident Director’s classes. The subjects vary each semester according to the expertise of the UHM professor.


At the International College of Seville, students take classes in History, Art History, Business, Political Science, and Economics. In addition, Spanish language and literature classes are taught in Spanish.

At the Universidad de Sevilla UHM students will take classes from the Facultad de Filología and the Facultad de Geografía e Historia in the areas of Spanish language, Literature, Art, Geography, and History. All courses are taught in Spanish by professors at UdeS.

Click here for Practicum OpportunitiesCourse offerings are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.

Internships, available to students who qualify, offer the opportunity to work with a Spanish organization and receive UHM credits. Prospective students must have at least an intermediate level of Spanish.

Semester in Seville courses at ICS, University of Seville and EUSA with UHM equivalent courses

Students may choose to study at the International College of Seville, Universidad de Sevilla, and/or EUSA University of Seville.  Regardless of the course of study, students must take one class from the accompanying UHM Faculty Resident Director.

*Business students: Please consult with the business school “Partner Schools” page for approved, unexpired equivalencies.


Spring 2024: Daphne Desser, UHM Dept. of English. Her courses:

Fall 2024: Marc Moody, School of Cinematic Arts. His courses:

Courses taken at the Universidad de Sevilla and International College of Seville will appear on UHM transcripts as UHM credits.

Current as of Jan. 11, 2024


Seville (Sevilla) is the capital of Andalusia, a region inundated with culture and romance. Andalusia is the backdrop of Bizet’s Carmen, the intense passion and faith of Semana Santa (Holy Week), the bacchanalia and revelry of Feria, the gyrating, hand-clapping, heel-stomping ballet and the songs of love and tragedy of the flamenco. Nowhere is Spain’s character and history manifested to the degree as in Andalusia, the meeting point of many cultures and periods.

Seville represents the passion and life of the region. By day, the diversity of Seville’s heritage becomes apparent. The Roman, Moorish (Muslim), Jewish, Phoenician, Visigoth, and Catholic traditions merge to spark the imagination of newcomers. Located 70 miles inland, Seville has access to the Atlantic Ocean through the Guadalquivir River running north to south, dividing the city into the east and west banks. Most of the city, including the old quarter of Barrio Santa Cruz, is on the east bank, while the Barrio Triana lies on the west bank.


Students live in a shared room with a Spanish host family and generally take all meals with the family throughout the program. A major value of the homestay is that it provides students with the opportunity to closely interact with and learn from host country nationals. In addition to taking students beyond the public face of the Spanish people, the contact with everyday Spanish language in a natural setting is extremely valuable to students’ academic progress and cultural understanding.


Included in the cost of the program is a series of program-sponsored field trips designed to enrich classroom activities. These include excursions to Granada, Córdoba, Itálica, Jerez de la Frontera, Morocco, and Ronda. All students are encouraged to participate in one or several of the many sports, music, special interest or social clubs at Universidad de Sevilla and International College of Seville. These activities provide an excellent way to further develop communication skills in Spanish and to participate in the daily flow of Spanish life.

During the Spring, Seville comes alive with circuses, folklore displays, bullfights and flamenco day and night during Semana Santa and Feria de Abril festivals.


Seville, Spain

Program Cost

based on Fall 2023

  • ICS / Universidad de Sevilla courses: $12,904
  • ICS + 2 EUSA courses: $14,674
  • ICS + 5 EUSA courses: $15,724

Cost includes ICS tuition, homestay, orientation, all meals, excursions, health insurance, wireless access, airport pickup, resident permit, textbooks, ground transportation, UHM Study Abroad and student visa fees.

Roundtrip airfare between Honolulu and Seville is not included; students have the option of taking the flight arranged by Third Eye Travel or making their own travel arrangements.


Students participating in the Seville program during the spring semester must obtain a student visa prior to arriving in Spain; students intending to study in Seville for an academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) must also provide a Police Criminal Record clearance.

 Frequently Asked Questions on the Schengen visa-free


FOR UHM STUDENTS ONLY: In order to receive financial aid, please ensure that either: a) you are receiving financial aid during the current semester, or b) that you complete the Financial Aid application during the current semester.

NON-UHM STUDENTS (those attending other colleges and universities during the regular school year) must apply for financial aid at their home institutions.


UHM Study Abroad Center Scholarship

See the Money Matters & Resources page for a list of possible scholarships.

Admission Requirements

Students are eligible to study abroad as early as the second semester of their Freshman year or later.

The program is designed primarily for undergraduate students who are interested in studying in Seville with specific interests in history, art, political science, economics, business, marketing, language and literature. All applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. However, students with a lower GPA may be considered. Non-native English-speaking students must have taken the TOEFL exam within the last two years and earned a composite score of 600+ or have taken the UHM ELI placement exam.

Admission to the program is selective. All applicants for the program will be judged on their academic performance, reasons for wishing to attend the program, flexibility and sensitivity to other cultures, and ability to adjust to a new cultural setting.

Immediately upon acceptance to the program, students are required to pay a $500.00 non-refundable initial payment to ensure a place in the program. The initial payment will be applied toward the cost of the program.

Please note that students accepted to the program are required to attend three mandatory pre-departure class sessions totaling 12 hours. Failure to attend will result in students being withdrawn from the program.


A completed Study Abroad Center application and three academic references must be received by the Study Abroad Center by the following dates to receive consideration. Students from outside the UH System must also submit official transcripts from every college attended.


  • Fall 2024: Monday, Apr. 1, 4pm HST
  • Spring 2025: Tuesday, Oct. 15, 4pm HST

Please note: The Study Abroad Center is closed on weekends, and Federal and State holidays.