Practicums & Internships

Students may conduct a Practicum or an Internship while on a UHM Study Abroad program and receive UHM credits. They may also design their own practicum or internship based on their academic or professional needs.

Practicum vs Internship

What is the difference between a practicum and an internship?

A practicum allows a student to apply subject theory learned to a specific project and/or research under the direct supervision of a professor/expert in the field. The student often has limited responsibility for the project. It may also allow students to have a field experience in real life environment. Students undergoing practicum, for example, may see firsthand how classroom teachings can apply, but typically are not given the responsibility of teaching a class. Practicum students do not receive a salary.

An internship involves working full-time on the job utilizing the training and knowledge of the specific field. The intern is fully responsible for the assignment and is expected to commit to a specified length of time per the agreement/contract. This arrangement benefits both the intern and the employer. Internships may or may not be paid. An internship is usually a precursor to a professional career.

Practicum Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Seville, Spain (semester) London, England (semester)
South Korea (summer) Lille, France (summer)
Dublin, Ireland (summer)
Florence, Italy (semester)
Sydney, Australia (semester)
Japan (Summer 2024)

Designing Your Own Internship Abroad

Students interested in designing their own internships abroad should identify an appropriate department faculty member and request him/her to sponsor and oversee the proposed internship via Faculty-Sponsored Study Tours.