First Steps to Study Abroad


You want to study abroad, but you don’t know where to start? With 20 current programs in 9 locations, and four possible terms from which to choose, it can be overwhelming. This is why we’ve designed the following questionnaire/worksheet to help you narrow your options, plan for your study abroad experience, and turn your goal into an achievement!

Complete the worksheet, and bring it with you when you meet with a Study Abroad advisor. Or, check the Study Abroad calendar for the next scheduled First Steps Workshop.


Which of your graduation requirements do you want to fulfill while you’re studying abroad? Do you need general education, focus requirements (E, O, or W), major, or elective credits? Do you want to study a foreign language or take courses in English?

2. WHY

What is your primary motivation to study abroad? What do you hope to get out of the experience and what are some of your main concerns?


Is there a region or country that you have always wanted to visit? The Study Abroad Center has established programs in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania.

Shanghai, China London, England
Kōbe, Japan Angers, France
Machida, Japan Annecy, France
Yongin, South Korea Lille, France
Mendoza, Argentina Berlin, Germany
  Dublin, Ireland
OCEANIA Florence, Italy
Adelaide, Australia “Two Italies”, Italy
Sydney, Australia Seville, Spain


When would you like to study abroad? This coming Fall, or next Spring? Do you prefer Semester, Summer, or Academic Year-long programs?

Mendoza, Argentina Adelaide, Australia Machida, Japan
Shanghai, China Sydney, Australia Kōbe, Japan
Angers, France Shanghai, China  
Annecy, France London, England  
Lille, France Paris, France  
Paris, France Florence, Italy  
Berlin, Germany “Two Italies”, Italy  
Dublin, Ireland Kōbe, Japan (Spring only)  
Florence, Italy Machida, Japan (Spring only)  
Kobe, Japan Seville, Spain  
Seville, Spain    
Yongin, South Korea    

5. WHO

Do you prefer living with a homestay family or in a dorm/apartment? With a homestay, you take meals with the host family; if you live in a dorm or apartment, you prepare your own meals.

Mendoza, Argentina Adelaide, Australia
Angers, France Sydney, Australia
Annecy, France Shanghai, China
Paris, France London, England
Berlin, Germany Lille, France
Florence, Italy Berlin, Germany
Kōbe, Japan Dublin, Ireland
Seville, Spain “Two Italies”, Italy
  Machida, Japan
  Yongin, South Korea

6. HOW


  • Meet with your college and major academic advisors to see what requirements you still need to fulfill.
  • Complete this worksheet and bring it to the Study Abroad Center to meet with an advisor to discuss your options.
  • Schedule an advising appointment with a study abroad advisor.
    • Make an appointment on STAR Balance.
    • Or contact one of our three advisors based in UH Colleges!
  • Visit our Study Abroad Fair or Information Meetings (please check calendar, and look out for email blasts, for event details)
  • Attend a “First Steps to Study Abroad: Study Abroad 101” workshop (please check calendar, and look out for email blasts, for event details).
  • Attend a “Funding Your Study Abroad Program” workshop (please check calendar, and look out for email blasts, for event details).
  • Apply for a passport
  • Learn as much as possible about the host country and culture in which you want to study abroad.

Updated Oct. 6, 2023