Study Abroad vs Exchange


The basic idea is the same–studying in another country. View the matrix below for specific differences.

Study Abroad Programs

Exchange Programs

offered through UHM Study Abroad Center (UHMSAC) Mānoa International Exchange (MIX)
who can participate Open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Open to all majors. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Some of the exchange agreements are for students with specific majors.
course offerings  A variety of undergraduate courses. Take one class from the UHM Faculty Resident Director (semester/year programs) and additional classes from the overseas university. Take all classes from overseas universities during summer. Take all classes from the overseas university.
credits earned UHM credits for each course taken overseas, applicable toward UHM degrees. Courses fulfill major, minor, focus, second language and graduation requirements, and will appear on UHM transcripts.Grades earned abroad will affect cumulative UHM GPA. Credits earned from overseas universities are transfer credits. Consult with your advisor in advance to begin transfer approval process and which credits apply toward degree.  Courses will appear on Transfer Report.Grades earned abroad will not affect cumulative UHM GPA.
tuition and fees No UHM tuition is charged. Instead, students are assessed a flat Study Abroad fee plus a negotiated subsidized overseas tuition which is program-specific. The SA fees are: $3,258 for a full-year (24 UHM credits), $1,764 for a semester (12 UHM credits) or $768 for summer (6 credits). Please refer to program pages for program-specific fees. UHM students pay UHM tuition based on the student’s residency status
Students do not pay tuition  to the overseas institution.
Financial Aid Financial Aid is available for eligible students.The Study Abroad Center will provide UHM Financial Aid Services with a detailed budget. Financial Aid is available for eligible students.Students are responsible for submitting a budget to UHM Financial Aid Services.
payments The Study Abroad Center handles all payments for overseas tuition, housing, meals, excursions, airfare, etc. Students are responsible for handling all payments associated with living and studying abroad.
travel and visa arrangements The Study Abroad Center facilitates visas for students and offers optional flight arrangements. Students are responsible for all travel and visa arrangements.
housing arrangements The host institution arranges housing for the students. Depending on the program, the host institution or the student will make housing arrangements.