Course Equivalencies

Study Abroad programs have carefully identified academic objectives. These programs assist students in furthering or completing their degree requirements. A student wishing to participate in an overseas program should be able to graduate within the time frame allotted to her/his degree program. Since these study abroad programs are an integral part of a student’s academic program, courses completed overseas are designed to fulfill a student’s major, minor, certificate, core, foundations, diversification, language, or graduation requirements.

All Study Abroad courses are expected to meet current Mānoa academic standards and are articulated as Mānoa courses. Study Abroad course work is completed overseas and is taught either by Mānoa faculty or by faculty of an overseas institution of higher education.

Courses taken at host institutions while on Study Abroad will appear on UH Mānoa transcripts as UH Mānoa credits.

Click on the links below to find courses offered at the host institutions in each Study Abroad location, and the corresponding UH Mānoa equivalencies.

Adelaide, Australia Mendoza, Argentina
Shanghai, China Shanghai, China
London, England Angers, France
Paris, France Annecy, France
Florence, Italy Lille, France
“My Two Italies,” Italy Paris, France
Kōbe, Japan Berlin, Germany
Machida, Japan Dublin, Ireland
Seville, Spain Florence, Italy
Kōbe, Japan
Seville, Spain