Dublin, Ireland


The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Study Abroad Center offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study for the summer in Dublin, Ireland. On-site, the program is coordinated by University College Dublin (UCD).

This program is open to all majors, but is particularly ideal for students who are pursuing degrees, minors and/or certificates in the following fields of study:

  • Finance
  • Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • International Business
  • Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science
  • Nursing
  • Physics
  • Public Health Sciences

Informational meetings: TBD in January/February 2018


2017 program dates: 

UCD Programs UHM Fields of Study Dates
Summer Internship Programme
(6 credits)
  • Finance
  • History
  • International Business
  • Internship
June 12 – August 4, 2017
Health Sciences Summer School
(6 credits)
  • Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science
  • Nursing
  • Public Health Sciences
June 12 – July 7, 2017
Physics Summer Program (8 credits)
  • Physics
  • STEM
June 18 – August 12, 2017


Host Institution

Founded 160 years ago, UC Dublin is the largest university in Ireland and is ranked in the top 1% of the world’s universities according to the Times Higher Education rankings. UCD is located on a beautiful, leafy 330-acre campus close to Dublin’s city center, which provides a mix of academic facilities, research institutes, libraries and archival collections, enterprise space, student villages and recreational facilities.


The UHM Summer in Dublin program provides students an opportunity to fulfill UHM major, minor, elective, focus, foundations, diversification and foreign language requirements for graduation. The programs run from 4 weeks long (Health Sciences) to 8 weeks long (Physics and Business/Internship Options). All students must enroll in a minimum of six credits.

The UHM Study Abroad Center appoints a designated UHM Resident Director when appropriate. The Resident Director teaches a class in his or her field of expertise, oversees students’ academic progress and mentors all participants. All students must participate in experiential learning activities led by the Resident Director in addition to taking classes at the host institution.


About the Program

The UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business Summer Internship Programme consists of a two-week academic programme combined with a six-week internship placement based in Dublin. The academic programme allows you to experience education in a leading institution while the internship component allows you to gain valuable insight into a professional arena. The internship team can provide a broad spectrum of intellectually engaging internships in business-focused roles. Students are encouraged to be proactive and to perform to their full potential both academically and professionally.

Note: Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to be considered for the Summer Internship Program. 

Start Date June 12, 2017
Academic Week June 12-17
Internship Placement June 19-July 27
Presentations & Exams August 1-3

Academic Component:

During this programme students are registered for two academic modules/classes. All students take the Academic Internship Project course. Students then one of these three courses: From Colony to Republic: the Making of Modern IrelandDoing Business in Ireland or Business Analytics and Finance Project.

UCD Course UHM Equivalent (3 credits each)
Business Analytics and Finance Project BUS 367F Business Study Abroad (Finance)
From Colony to Republic: The Making of Modern Ireland HIST 499 Directed Reading
International Business: Doing Business in Ireland BUS 367I Business Study Abroad (IB)
Internship Academic Project BUS 395I Internship (IB)

The Summer Internship Programme is not limited to students majoring in Finance, History or International Business; students from all majors and colleges are welcome to apply.

Internship Component:

Internship placement will begin on week two of the programme. Participants are required to complete at least 32 hours per week which is unpaid. Work normally takes place during normal working hours from Monday to Thursday each week. Participants will meet their manager and visit their workplace at an agreed time during week one of the programme for an interview. Internship placement will be based in a working environment which participants will commute to. Participants will be expected to follow normal work etiquette and processes within their placement.

Placements take place with a wide variety of employers: small to medium enterprises, private companies, voluntary organisations, and multinationals. The internship partner list is reviewed regularly and is updated from year to year. Participants’ placement will be determined by the three areas of interest expressed in their online application together with their employment history, academic grades and the skills required for the role. Many of the roles available are project based and may span across multiple areas. For sample positions and roles, please visit the Summer Internship Programme website.

In addition to submitting a study abroad application, Summer Internship Program applicants must email a copy of their passport, cover letter and a CV in PDF to yap@hawaii.edu. Please review the Summer Internship Applicant Guide 2017 and UCD Cover and Letter Guide and prepare accordingly.

Upon acceptance into the program, students will be required to complete a Skype interview with the UC Dublin Internship Manager at the end of March or early April.

About the Program

The UCD Health Sciences Summer School consists of a two week taught tuition period with an option to spend a further two weeks of research activity under the guidance of an experienced researcher.

There are two 5 ECTS courses that students may take to earn 6 UHM credits. The Health Systems course offers an opportunity for the student to learn about and critically analyze the main types of health care systems found around the world. The other option is a research for practice course.

The purpose of this course will be twofold: First to introduce students to research designs most commonly used in healthcare research and secondly to facilitate students in the learning of skills relating to the retrieval, critical appraisal and application to the practice of research evidence. Students will earn UHM credits for Nursing or Public Health; please see table below.

UCD Courses

UHM Equivalent (3 credits each)

Health: A Systems Perspective (5 ECTS)
Research for Nursing Practice (5 ECTS)
NURS 363 Introduction to Nursing Research
NURS 399 Directed Reading/Research
PH 492T Current Issues/Topics in Public Health
PH 499 Directed Reading/Research

There is also an option to take a 10 ECTS course which entails attending the classes for the first two weeks and then working with a Research Mentor who is assigned to the student for a further two weeks. Students may earn 6 UHM credits for either Food Science and Human Nutrition, Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science, Nursing, or Public Health; please see table below.

UCD Course

UHM Equivalent (3 credits each)

Research for Nursing Practice (10 ECTS)
*Research intensive program. Students are paired with a research mentor while in Dublin.
NURS 363 Introduction to Nursing Research
NURS 399 Directed Reading/Research
PH 492T Current Issues/Topics in Public Health
PH 499 Directed Reading/Research
FSHN 491 Topics in Food Science and Human Nutrition
FSHN 499 Directed Reading/Research
KRS 481 Introduction to Research in KRS
PH 492 T Current Issues/Topics in Public Health

For more information, please see the UCD Health Sciences Summer School brochure.

About the Program

The principal aim of the UCD School of Physics Summer Program is to provide a firm understanding of physical concepts and processes leaning heavily upon standard physics U.S. textbooks. Another principal aim of the course will be to apply the concepts learnt to recent advances in our understanding of science in general. In particular, ways in which biological and medical phenomena may be better understood from a physics viewpoint will be stressed, under the headings of physiology, diagnosis and therapy, and on scales from the cell through macro-organisms to the environment.

UCD Course UHM Equivalent  Dates
Introductory Physics I (Calculus Based) PHYS 151 College Physics I (3 credits)
PHYS 151L College Physics Lab I (1 credit)
June 18-July 14, 2017
Introductory Physics II (Calculus Based) PHYS 152 College Physics II (3 credits)
PHYS 152L College Physics Lab II (1 credit)
July 17-Aug 11, 2017

The Introductory Physics course is an intensive academic course taken over 8 weeks and is divided into two complementary modules. The program uses calculus in the delivery of material, sometimes in lectures. It is not heavily used in the assessment process, but simple calculus-based problem solving will be assessed as well as an ability to use the concepts around calculus in essay-based and descriptive answers. Students need to do about 100 hours of self-study over and above the scheduled 48 contact hours; participants should be working for about 25 hours per week in addition to attending classes.

Click here for general schedule sample for the UCD School of Physics Summer Program.


Courses taken at UCD  will appear on UHM transcripts as UHM credits.


Vanessa Chong

Current as of November 3, 2017.


A charming city of Viking, Norman, and English heritage, Dublin is the capital city as well as the primary education center of Ireland. It is located in the province of Leinster on Ireland’s east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey.

Dublin has a world-famous literary history, having produced many prominent literary figures and playwrights including William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Bram Stroker and Iris Murdoch. There are several theatres within the city center, and various world famous actors have emerged from the Dublin theatrical scene. Dublin is also the focal point for much of Irish art and the Irish artistic scene.


Students will live on-campus at UCD Residencesin apartment-style flats, in a single bedroom with en-suite or shared bathrooms, and shared living room and kitchen. Basic kitchen and bed linen are provided. Laundry facilities are available within the housing complex. Summer Internship Program students will be living on the Belfield campus, in Merville, Glenomema or Belgrove.

Students participating in the Health Sciences and Summer Internship programs are responsible for preparing all meals. There is a convenience store near the student residence halls which sells prepared and packaged food, beverages, school supplies and things for your dorm.

Students enrolled in the Physics program will participate in a meal plan (Mondays-Fridays, breakfast, lunch, and dinner) on campus.


The program fee includes visits to places of cultural interest. Visits may include Wicklow and Glendalough, and Causey Farm in Navan, where students participate in activities such as Irish dancing. Other activities may include a day of Gaelic Games, guided tour of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) museum and a Viking splash tour of Dublin city center.


Dublin, Ireland

Program Cost

$6,513; Health Sciences program, Summer 2017

$9,310; Business Internship, Summer 2017

Cost includes University College Dublin tuition, on-campus accommodation in single rooms, all meals, excursions, health insurance and UHM Study Abroad and other incidental fees.

Roundtrip airfare between Honolulu and Dublin is not included; students have the option of taking flights arranged by Third Eye Travel or making their own travel arrangements.


FOR UHM STUDENTS ONLY: In order to receive financial aid, please ensure that either: a) you are receiving financial aid during the preceding semester, or b) that you complete the Financial Aid application during the current semester. www.hawaii.edu/fas

NON-UHM STUDENTS (those attending other colleges and universities during the regular school year) must apply for financial aid at their home institutions.


See the Money Matters & Resources page for a list of possible scholarships.

Admission Requirements

The program is designed primarily for undergraduate students studying the following:

(1) Food Science & Human Nutrition, Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science, Nursing, Public Health Sciences,  and other health sciences. Graduate credit may be available.
(2) Life Sciences majors who need one year of college-level Physics.
(3) Business majors and other students who desire an internship experience.

The minimum requirement is a cumulative GPA of 3.0. However, students with a lower GPA may be considered in exceptional cases. Non-native English-speaking students must have taken the TOEFL exam within the last two years and earned a composite score of 600+ or have taken the UHM ELI placement exam.

Admission to the program is selective. All applicants for the program will be judged on their academic performance, their reasons for wishing to attend the program, their flexibility and sensitivity to other cultures, and their ability to adjust to a new cultural setting.

Immediately upon acceptance to the program, students are required to pay an initial payment that is non-refundable of $500.00 to ensure a place in the program. This initial payment will be applied toward the cost of the program.

Please note that students accepted to the program are required to attend three mandatory pre-departure class sessions totaling 12 hours. Failure to attend will result in students being withdrawn from the program.


A completed Study Abroad Center application and two academic references must be received by the Study Abroad Center to receive consideration.

Students from outside the UH System must also submit official transcripts from every college attended.

The Study Abroad Center is closed on weekends, and Federal and State holidays.