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Studying abroad is not as expensive as you might think.

Here’s a comparison of the cost of attendance at UH Mānoa and for studying abroad.

Financial Aid is available through the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Financial Aid Services to UHM students only.

Students are required to have submitted a FAFSA for the academic year in which they plan to study abroad.

Students must be enrolled with full-time status in order to receive aid. For undergrad students full-time is 12 credits per semester.  Full-time enrollment for graduate students is 8 credits per semester.  For summer the minimum full-time enrollment for undergraduate students is 6 credits and 4 credits for graduate students.

For application and more information please visit Financial Aid Services and check their lists of scholarships.

Tel: (808) 956-7251
Fax: (808) 956-3985

Study Abroad Center scholarships

  • ASUH Study Abroad Scholarship: Available to full-time, undergraduate, classified students at UH Mānoa. Please visit ASUH website for details.
  • DIS: Available to UHM students who are accepted to the Semester or Summer program in Copenhagen, Denmark. Scholarship amounts are $3,000 for Semester programs and $250 & $500 for the 3 & 6 credit programs respectively for the Summer per person.
  • Margaret Todd Scholarship: The Margaret Todd scholarship is available only to students who are accepted to the Semester program in London, England. Click here to download the application form.
  • Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO): Scholarship available to students accepted to a program to study in Japan. Recipients are not eligible for Konan University Consortium Scholarship. There is no application form required for this scholarship.
  • Konan University Consortium Scholarship: Available to students who have been accepted to the Kobe Year-In-Japan Program who were not awarded the JASSO scholarship. There is no application form required for this scholarship.

Please note that the list of scholarships below is subject to availability and may change without notice. 

University of Hawai‘i System Scholarships

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Scholarships

External organizations

Please note that the UHM Study Abroad Center is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed below.

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