Student Visa Requirements


The information and links provided here are applicable to students holding a U.S. passport. International students should check visa requirements pertinent to the passport they hold. The UHM Study Abroad Center highly recommends that students attend our scheduled informational meetings. Check the Calendar for informational meetings and/or socialize with us on Facebook for updates and tips.


Student visas are not required for any Summer programs which are shorter than 90 days.

Students may stay in any of the Schengen states for up to 90 days within a six-month period. They must then stay outside of the Schengen area for the remaining three months before they are allowed to re-enter without a student visa for another 90-day period. Students who wish to study abroad in the Schengen area in consecutive Summer and Fall terms should consult a Study Abroad advisor before submitting an application.


ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – After receiving a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) issued by the Australian government, students must apply for a student visa online. Visit the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship for more details.


SHANGHAI, CHINA – All students participating in the Semester in Shanghai program must obtain a student visa prior to entering China. Residents of Hawai‘i, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California are required to submit an in-person application at the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles. The UHM Study Abroad Center will apply for student visas on behalf of accepted students who are unable to appear in person at the consulate.

Students are strongly recommended to obtain a Hawaii State Identification Card or Hawaii Driver’s License as soon as possible. Apply for a Hawaii State Identification Card with the city and county of Honolulu:

  • How to get a Hawaii State ID?

    Go to a City Driver Licensing Office with a completed application and documents that prove:

    • Social Security Number (Social Security Card, W-2, 1099 Form)
    • legal name (birth certificate, US passport, marriage certificate)
    • date of birth (birth certificate, US passport, driver license)
    • that you are legally in the US (birth certificate, passport)
    • resident address (2 documents required: voter registration card, pay statement, utility bill, bank statement)

    (The documents listed are the most commonly available. Go here for more.)

    For assistance with identifying acceptable supporting documents required to obtain a state identification card, please consult our interactive Document Guide


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Students who are considered “visa free” will enter Denmark as tourists and will apply for a Danish residence permit after arrival in Copenhagen. A visa-free student holds a U.S. passport, or is from another country that is exempt from the requirement of having an entrance visa to enter Denmark. Once in Denmark, all visa-free students will apply for a residence permit. Upon arrival, the necessary application/paperwork will be provided and an orientation session will offer assistance in completing the application. Immigration Service will arrange for special hours for this processing and residence permits will be processed on the spot.

Students who are NOT considered “visa free” (unable to enter Denmark without a visa), will need to apply for a residence permit prior to departure from Copenhagen. Upon receipt of a student’s passport number, the DIS North American Office will give instructions for the next steps.


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM– U.S. citizens who are studying in the United Kingdom for fewer than six months can enter with only a valid passport, as a STUDENT VISITOR. However, students who are considering working or staying longer than six months need to apply for a student visa. Students will need to have their passport, a letter of support from University of Roehampton, and fingerprinting done (appointment must be scheduled on Infopass website) to apply for a visa. For more information please visit the UK Border Agency website.


PARIS, FRANCE – After completing an online application with CampusFrance, students studying for a semester or longer in France must apply for a student visa in person at the Consulate General of France that oversees the state in which they live. Residents of Northern California and Northern Nevada (check specific counties), Alaska, Hawai‘i, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and the Pacific Islands under U.S. jurisdiction, including Guam, must apply for the student visa in person at the Consulate General of France in San Francisco*.

*Residents of outside of the San Francisco jurisdiction should locate the consulate responsible for their area/state by clicking here.


DELHI, INDIA – The UHM Study Abroad Center will help participants apply for the student visa; participants may also apply for their student visa on their own. Please visit the Travisa Indian Visa Application Center website for more information.


FLORENCE/ROME/”THREE CITIES”, ITALY – The UHM Study Abroad Center will help participants apply for the student visa; participants may also apply for the student visa on their own. Please visit the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information.


KŌBE/MACHIDA, JAPAN – Students participating in a semester or year program in Japan will apply for the visa with a Certificate of Eligibility, a document provided by Kōnan University or J. F. Oberlin University, approximately 1-2 months before departure. The Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu has jurisdiction covering Hawai‘i and American Samoa. Visa applicants who reside outside these areas should contact the list of Japanese Consulates and Embassies in the U.S.


SEVILLE, SPAIN– The UHM Study Abroad Center will act as a legal representative for the Spring in Seville program participants and apply for student visas on their behalf; participants may also apply for the student visa on their own. Students participating in the Fall semester in Seville do not need a visa, as the program is fewer than 90 days.

Students interested in applying for a year-long program in Seville, please see additional requirements.