Semester/Year Term Programs

Country Program Term
Adelaide, Australia semester
Angers, France summer
Annecy, France summer
Berlin, Germany summer
Copenhagen, Denmark summer
Copenhagen, Denmark semester
Delhi, India semester
Dublin, Ireland summer
Florence, Italy semester
Florence, Italy summer
Kōbe, Japan summer
Kōbe, Japan semester, year
Lille, France summer
London, England semester
Machida, Japan semester, year
Mendoza, Argentina summer
Paris, France semester
Paris, France summer
Rome, Italy semester
Seville, Spain semester
Seville, Spain summer
Shanghai, China semester
Stockholm, Sweden semester
“Three Cities”, Italy semester

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Self-Designed Study Abroad

Contents Destinations Program Cost Admission Requirements Application STUDY VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! IT’S YOUR CHOICE! Definition and Appropriateness of an Independent, Self-designed Study Abroad Program The “self-designed” study abroad option is available to University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa students who would like to study abroad, but cannot participate in an existing traditional study abroad […]