The University of Hawai`i at Mānoa (UHM) Study Abroad Center (SAC) encourages UHM faculty to offer study tours or overseas activities as part of or in addition to their academic course offerings during the academic year (semester, Winter Break, Spring Recess, and/or summer). The SAC will support and facilitate faculty members’ endeavors overseas.

Unlike official SAC programs, these individual faculty-sponsored study tours do not require approval by the Council on Study Abroad. Rather, the sponsoring faculty will be responsible for course content, all logistical arrangements (flights, accommodations, meals, ground transportation, etc) and pre-departure preparation. The SAC will provide risk management, insurance coverage, and registration for students participating in faculty-sponsored study tours. In addition, the SAC can assist faculty members with budget-planning and coordinating logistics, and will provide pre-departure information concerning health/safety issues abroad.

Interested UHM faculty members are encouraged to contact the SAC immediately after their decision to initiate a study tour, so that the SAC can provide guidance for program development, advertising and student recruitment. For inquiries and/or to schedule a meeting, please email fasst@hawaii.edu.

Click here for the fillable FaSST Application Form. 

Last updated on April 4, 2017. *The application form will be revised as necessary; please come back often to make sure you have the latest version. 

FaSST Process

  1. Faculty initiates idea (location, activity) for a study tour.
  2. Faculty contacts and/or meets with FaSST regarding study tour parameters, costs, logistics, etc.
  3. Faculty completes FaSST Application Form, obtains approval from Department Chair and Dean/Director, and submits application to FaSST.
  4. FaSST reviews application, and may contact faculty to clarify information.
  5. FaSST accepts faculty’s proposal.
  6. Faculty enrolls participants for study tour.
  7. Faculty submits list of participants to FaSST.
  8. FaSST distributes Risk Management forms to accepted participants via email.
  9. Faculty collects participants’ paperwork.
  10. Faculty submits participants’ paperwork to FaSST 30 days prior to departure.
  11. FaSST processes registration and/or insurance for participants.
  12. Bon Voyage!
  13. Upon completion of study tour and/or return to Honolulu, Faculty submits grades to FaSST.
  14. Faculty submits report/summary of the tour with student feedback to FaSST.

After the Study Abroad Center has accepted FaSST application:

45 days/seven weeks before departure
– Faculty submits list of participants to SAC
– SAC emails document packet to participants

30 days/five weeks before departure
– Faculty collects and turns in participants’ document packets
– SAC processes insurance
– SAC processes registration, if any
– SAC submits list of participants and budget to FAS, when appropriate

10 days/one week before departure
– SAC hands insurance cards to faculty for distribution to participants

FaSST Contact

Location: Maile East B 120maile-east-b2
Email: fasst@hawaii.edu
Tel: 956.2138
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 1pm

FaSST Events

The SAC will hold an informational session at least once each in the Spring and Fall semesters. The last session was held on Friday, February 3, 2017. Please email fasst@hawaii.edu if you’d like to schedule a meeting and/or be notified of upcoming events.

Study Tours

Click here for a list of current and past Faculty-Sponsored Study Tours.