FAQs for Faculty

If you have questions not addressed here, please call the Study Abroad Center.

1.  Who is eligible to apply to be a Resident Director?

All Mānoa faculty members in Bargaining Unit 7 are eligible to apply [from Rank 3 to Rank 5 or permanent Instructors (2)]. Faculty members who are on leave during the semester preceding the study abroad resident directorship are NOT eligible to apply. Resident Directors are appointed from UH Mānoa, as the UHM Study Abroad Center is a Mānoa program.

2.  Are Researcher/Specialist/Librarian faculty eligible to apply?

Yes; however, preference will be given to Instructional Faculty, since teaching in Study Abroad is related to pedagogy.

3.  When are applications due? 

Please see Faculty Resident Director Application Forms.

4.  May faculty apply for multiple programs?

Yes; however, each application must be country-specific.  A generic application for multiple locations may dilute the strength of the application.

5.  May new programs be initiated by departmental faculty?

Yes.  Please contact the Study Abroad Center Director, Dr. Sarita Rai for details. Faculty may also consider leading students on a Faculty-Sponsored Study Tours (FaSST) program.

6.  What criteria are used to appoint Faculty Resident Directors?

The complete application is reviewed by all members of the Council on Study Abroad.  Members of the Council represent UHM instructional departments/colleges.  The application review is a competitive process.  Successful applicants are appointed on the basis of the strength of the courses being offered and their relevance to the target country and learning outcomes for the students; their research plan and relevance/benefits to the Mānoa campus upon return; student recruitment plan; and teaching evaluations.

7.  How many Faculty Resident Directors are appointed for each program?

One Faculty Resident Director is appointed per program. Each year 20-22 UHM faculty participate in Study Abroad programs.

8.  How are Faculty Resident Directors compensated?

Study Abroad Center pays for the faculty’s cost for summer programs. The College/Department continues paying the salary and benefits for the faculty during the semester/year programs, while the Study Abroad Center pays the faculty’s airfare, accommodations, shipping of books, and other related expenses.

9.  Prior to the program application deadline, what are the appointed Faculty Resident Director’s responsibilities?

  1. student recruitment for the specific program
  2. participate in all informational meetings
  3. participate in all faculty resident director training sessions
  4. learn as much as possible about the program

10.  What is the teaching load?

For semester programs, the teaching load is two courses.  Students take at least one course from the Faculty Resident Director.

Courses are to be offered in the faculty’s field of expertise, but the syllabi must be applicable to the target country for both summer and semester programs.

For summer programs, usually it is one course per program.  UHM students do not need to take the faculty’s course.  However, there are programs where faculty members do not teach at all.  With non-teaching summer programs, faculty need to propose experiential teaching activities for the UHM students, so they may integrate learning within a different context.