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Discovery in a City So Old

This is an excerpt of Scot’s journal, which he kept throughout his Summer abroad in Seville. He shares with us a peek into the Moroccan trip that is part of the Summer in Seville program. Written by Scot Lycan Seville, Spain Summer 2013   Fez is a city founded in the twelfth century, nestled into a […]
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5 Quick Tips to Surviving Florence

Are you studying abroad (or planning to) and feeling a wee bit nervous? Fall 2013 Study Abroad alumna Kiyana has very kindly shared some insights and tips with anybody planning to study abroad in Florence. However, the other practical tips apply to pretty much any location, really, so read on and be excited/motivated! Written by […]
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Four Places to Eat in London

Post written by Kelsey Robinson London, England Fall 2012-Spring 2013   So I just finished reading this blog called 18 Life Lessons I Learned from Traveling the World by Matthew Kepnes before writing this first post. Okay, if I’m honest, I was sitting in my English class trying to follow along with the discussion. But, […]
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Packing for your Study Abroad Program

“What to take” or “what not to take” on a trip can become a major dilemma. Often one may become quite overwhelmed by the desire to pack everything, believing that it may be needed sometime in the future. The fact of the matter is usually people tend to over-pack, only to discover later that half […]
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How to Prevent Jet Lag

What is Jet Lag? In layman’s terms, jet lag is the disruption of your internal clock, the one that tells you when it’s time for bed and when it’s time for dinner. Flying across time zones can mess it up big time, giving you symptoms like exhaustion, headache, disorientation and indigestion just to name a few. It’s […]
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